Monday, July 30, 2012

That's right, sweatheart, get your education!!

To battle the sense of entitlement these kids are acquiring, and to build some work ethic, we've assigned the kids chores.  Among other things; Schatz is in charge of setting and clearing the table.  Maura washes the dishes.  Feeding the dog has become an unpopular task.

Me: Schatz, please feed Lucy.

Schatz: I have to feed her AGAIN!?!

Me: Yes, you have to feed her again.

Schatz: But I just fed her last night!!

Me: I just fed you last night.

Schatz:  ((SILENCE))

Me:  Are you hungry for your breakfast?

Schatz: Yes.

Me: Well, sweetie, Lucy's hungry for her breakfast, too.  

Schatz (Stomping to the pantry):  I have to do EVERYTHING around here!  (under her breath) I have GOT to get to college so I can stop being the MAID!